New York City made the news a couple of weeks ago by reporting 74 people shot in the past week, with 24 shooting victims on the Saturday before Father’s Day alone. Nevertheless, it looks like Mayor Bill de Blasio is going to throw a bone to the “defund the police” crowd by cutting $1 billion from the police department’s budget.

The good news: He’s going to divert the money to “young people,” i.e., those doing most of the rioting. The Daily Wire reports:

In a Monday morning press conference at City Hall, the Democrat said the saved money would be diverted to “young people.”

“My office presented to City Council a plan that would achieve the billion in savings for the NYPD and shift resources to young people, to communities in a way that would help address a lot of the underlying issues that we know are the cause of so many problems in our society,” he said. His plan is in line with the city council leaders, who have also called for a billion-dollar cut to the police department’s budget.

We’d been assured that diverting money from the police department to things like night classes and Planned Parenthood would help put a stop to crime at its root and reduce the need for an armed police department.

And renaming a street in each borough to reflect the Black Lives Matter movement.

Yep … early ’80s “Gotham” is making a comeback.

Yeah, troll. CNN hall monitor and New York City resident Brian Stelter reminded us just a couple of weeks ago that the plywood spray-painted with “BLM” and “F**k the Police” was starting to come down from the shop windows and Manhattan was looking just spiffy.

Hurry up and get those night classes implemented so rioters have somewhere to go and better themselves.