In Tuesday night’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter, CNN’s Brian Stelter debunked the “riot” lie about New York City, of course using Fox News’ reporting as the basis for his disgust; you see, Fox News was using days-old footage in its reporting about the riots.

Look, I live in Manhattan and I hated what happened in this city on May 31 and June 1. The looting and mayhem was appalling. But it was more than a week ago. The graffiti has been scrubbed off the bodega on my block. The broken windows have been cleaned up. And today I noticed the city’s garbage can — taken away last week because vandals were lighting fires in them — back on my building’s corner today. I took it as a small but telling sign that things are getting back to normal. It is grossly misleading to show old video of looters on a loop while omitting what’s going on today.

The New York Post’s op-ed editor noticed that Stelter had used Twitter’s new feature to limit replies to his tweet:

It’s good to see a Manhattanite like Stelter stand up for his city. Hey, the plywood is starting to come down!

He got his garbage can back, so …