As Twitchy reported Monday, the New York Times did a deep-dive into the sexual harassment allegations leveled against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, essentially clearing him of all wrongdoing except for, you know, the unwanted hugging, kissing, and touching that made women uncomfortable around him — something that had become so widespread that he had to shoot a video explaining that he’d be “more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.”

New York Times media columnist Ben Smith asked editor Dean Baquet about the differences between the paper’s coverage of Brett Kavanaugh and Joe Biden, and we learned that the New York Times stealth-edited that tweet including Biden’s unwanted hugging, kissing, and touching because the Biden campaign thought the wording was “awkward” and suggested there was more than one woman alleging Biden of sexual misconduct.

Comfortably Smug says to keep that in mind when reading the Times’ latest tweet about Reade:

It looks like the paper’s overcorrecting just a bit.

Yep, same columnist.

Seriously, why not just write “Joe Biden” instead of “her former boss, now the prospective Democratic presidential candidate”? Maybe Twitter should cut tweets back down to 180 characters.