In case you’d missed it, “Judge” Roy Moore, who lost the midterm election in Alabama to Democrat Doug Jones, has said he’s going to mount a run for Senate. Donald Trump Jr. slammed him, tweeting, “You’re literally the only candidate who could lose a GOP seat in pro-Trump, pro-USA ALABAMA,” and the president added his two cents as well, tweeting that Moore “cannot win, and the consequences will be devastating” to the confirmation of conservative judges if a Republican doesn’t win the Senate seat.

Of course, Moore was dogged by sexual assault allegations and charges that he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old and other teens, and was haunted by a yearbook that contained some messages to high school girls that reached Joe Biden levels of creepiness.

But the next time a Democrat brings up Roy Moore as a serious Republican candidate, kindly point them to Virginia, where this happened Wednesday night:

Guy Benson writes at Twitchy sister site Townhall:

[Joe Morrissey] went to jail for his sex crime, and won a special election in his blue district from behind bars. He emphatically denied sexual contact with the teenaged intern, then denied paternity of the baby she delivered months later. He finally admitted the child was his. In addition to being a convicted sex offender, he’s also a disbarred lawyer: “Morrissey is no stranger to controversy. His law license was suspended after he had been cited for contempt 10 times and he was jailed or forcibly detained for misconduct five times, according to court papers. His license was revoked in 2003 for failing to tell clients he had been suspended.” Morrissey’s license was reinstated for awhile, then was revoked again in 2018.

And on Tuesday night, Virginia Democrats voted for this guy in the primary election for state Senate.

Can anyone from Virginia explain what is going on there?