As Twitchy reported earlier, YouTube proudly announced in a blog post Wednesday that it had taken steps to remove hate from its platform — which resulted in a history teacher who curated an educational repository of Nazi propaganda being banned for promoting hate speech.

And of course, you’ve already read about thick-skinned Media Matters alumnus Carlos Maza’s eventually successful campaign to have Steven Crowder’s videos demonetized — videos which were in line with YouTube standards Tuesday night but found to be “harming the broader community” by Wednesday afternoon.

While Dana Loesch was waiting to hear back from YouTube if Stephen Colbert’s “comedy” skit showing her getting shot was in violation of its standards, she posted this great thread on modern-day book burners.

What was that thing Vox’s Maza had tweeted? “Deplatforming works and we should use it way more aggressively”?

Speaking of D-Day, remember when CNN’s Chris Cuomo joined the chorus of those comparing Antifa thugs to World War II veterans storming the beach at Normandy? Of course, now he denies that he ever endorsed Antifa. Tweet’s still up, Chris.

Seriously, no one takes more abuse on social media and handles it with more grace than Loesch — maybe she could lend some of her thick skin to Maza.