Here’s a great catch:

According to Mediaite, CNN’s Chris Cuomo got into a heated exchange Wednesday night with former President Donald Trump Hispanic Advisory Council member Steve Cortes about the president’s remarks that there would be violence if the GOP lost in the midterms.

Mediaite has the video, but eventually, Cuomo found himself on defense against charges that he’d equivocated on Antifa:

“I never equivocated on anything,” a clearly annoyed Cuomo replied. “You let your righty mouthpieces twist my words for effect to enhance a bigoted agenda. And now you’re going to sell it.”

He continued on, voice raised: “It’s a mistake on this show. I said very clearly and people can check my words, ‘you break the law you’re a criminal and a thug.’ I said I don’t create a moral equation between those who preach hate and those who fight it because not all punches are equal. And I stand by that. But I never endorsed Antifa. Don’t sell B.S. to my face. Do it behind my back where you’re better at it.”

Cuomo never endorsed Antifa? Then why, after the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, which saw clashes between white nationalists and Antifa, did Cuomo throw his hat in the ring with others like Brian Fallon and Jeffrey Goldberg who began comparing Antifa to World War II veterans storming the beach at Normandy?

That certainly looks like an endorsement to us.

Hey CNN, have your fact-checkers look into Cuomo’s claim, OK? Is this an apple or a banana?