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Sean Davis Has Compelling Argument to Support the Idea of a Leak in the Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has been handing out some pretty important decisions and if you are looking for an in-depth analysis on the decisions themselves, we highly recommend you check out our own Aaron Walker. He is brilliant and gives details this writer could never hope to provide.


While the court has been handing down a lot of opinions Sean Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of The Federalist floated an idea he had after noticing a few 'coincidences'.

YIKES! We here at Twitchy are NOT conspiracy theorists and we are not saying Davis is 100% right, we are just saying he makes a case and we think we should keep an eye on it. You have to admit it was VERY strange timing for a very specific executive order.

If Trump one day made an executive order that would protect and legalize Skittles and a day or so later a Supreme Court Decision came out that said certain color Skittles were not necessarily protected any longer, the Left would be losing their minds to find the leak. You know, we know, and Sean Davis certainly knows it.

It seems just a tad bit TOO convenient to be a coincidence.

Probably. If there is a leak, this is not the first one.


The Left IS trying to lay the groundwork to pack the court. We are not sure how they think they will pack it and just be left alone. If they manage to do it, the Right will turn around and pack it as well, but the Left has never been very smart, and thinking through things to see what the unintended consequences are is NOT a strong suit. All we have to say is 'Defund The Police' and you know what we are talking about.

Maybe, but given the leak of the Roe verdict before this, we think the idea of a leak is plausible.

Many users on X had some guesses.

Do you have a guess? Do you think there is a leak?

YUP. The Left has been saying that because the Right is SO VERY DANGEROUS any and all actions they take are necessities. Leaking information from the court is mild compared to what they will do to hold on to power.


The Right needs to stop playing nice and figure out the fight they are in because the Left has been fighting inside the culture, the classroom, and the courts for a very long time and they are not planning to stop. It is time for the Right to get into the fight.

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