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The Award for Best Comedic Response to Protest Punks Goes to Jake Tapper's Children


Protestors of any sort are pretty obnoxious but lately, there seems to be a competition between the climate nutters who try to throw paint on everything and the 'Pro-Palestine' harpies that want to camp out, yelp, and get in your way. We found a post on X that says today the most obnoxious award might go to the Hamas Harpies.


A group of code pink punks went to protest outside CNN news anchor, Jake Tapper's house and his kids turned the tables. If we are giving out awards we want someone to take Jake's kids out to lunch because they deserve an Emmy for best comedic reaction in a daytime protest.

Jake is not known to be a far-right anything. He works for CNN! But as always with the Left, you can NEVER be far Left enough.

BINGO! These people are wild. You have to agree with EVERYTHING they think or feel and you have to state that agreement loudly and OFTEN. If you remain silent on any subject or do not yell about the thing they care about often enough you are 'LITERALLY' committing a crime against humanity and you deserve any violence or annoyance they can put upon you.

Code Pink just did not know they were going to run into some comedic geniuses when they started yelling at Tapper's home. His kids waved to the protesters and played the Star-Spangled Banner as well. THAT IS GOLD JERRY, GOLD!


It is hilarious but there is no reason these people think they can keep doing this stuff. We have nothing against protesting, protest all you like, go protest at government buildings, and use your social media all you want, but this idea that anything goes and you get to upset other people's lives for your pet project needs to stop.

Exactly! You do not get to take your mob mentality to residential neighborhoods because someone there disagrees with you. Eventually, they are going to mess with the wrong person and it is not going to be funny. They are hurting his neighbors and his family, and it could escalate and become a much bigger problem real fast.


It is getting down right dangerous!

He doesn't? We thought 'journalists' ran the world! :P


We agree. In a story about crazy protesters, we did not think we would find a hero, but we did. Jake Tapper's children, we did not see them wearing capes, but they were draped in the melody of The Star-Spangled Banner and that may as well be a cape!


Oh good. We here at Twitchy have that covered!

Maybe Tapper can take a lesson from his kids and inject more Star-Spangled Banner into the news over at CNN. *wink*

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