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Rep. Steve Cohen FAILS BIG TIME Regarding US History, Slavery, and the 'Negro National Anthem'


Steve Cohen is a Democrat in the House representing Tennessee. He is a ranking member on several House committees. You would think the man would have at least a 5th-grade knowledge of United States History but you would be wrong. Steve apparently has no understanding of when the United States was founded or what the National Anthem is.


We are not even going to touch the fact that the organizers of the Super Bowl found it necessary to play a SEPARATE supposed national anthem. We are going to focus on the fact that Ole' Stevie Boy thought everyone should stand for it.

Besides the fact that it is NOT the national anthem for ALL citizens, in the current climate how does one know if you are to stand or not? If you stand, you may be appropriating black culture, or trying to steal the spotlight from another person because you are WHITE. There was no win here. Standing or sitting for any white citizens in the crowd.

Most people on X caught on to the fact that Steve was ignorant of what the National Anthem is and why we stand for it.

That is confusing. See we used to be told that 'Separate but Equal' was a bad thing. Normal-thinking people who are not Leftist Commies still think that, but people like Steve seem to want to go back to that way of thinking. Just like Rani said, there is NO separate anthem, there is only one and it is the Star Spangled Banner. It is for ALL citizens of the United States and it is not based on your skin color.


While it used to be true that we would think someone in the government would know some basics about civics and US history, it is no longer true. Especially if they have a D beside their name. It is sad. Maybe instead of spending months on crappy border bills Congress should have a mandatory Civics and History class that each member must pass with at least a B before they can vote on or sponsor bills.

As if the post that Steve originally made was not enough ignorance for one human to put out into the universe for one day, Steve got worse.

*Insert your favorite Standing Ovation GIF here*


EXACTLY! Leftists like to pretend Americans invented slavery, we did not, and they like to pretend we kept it going, we did not. Slavery is an UGLY part of our history. We would all be better off to recognize it and teach about it truthfully. It is ugly, it is gross, but our history shows we did get rid of it sooner than ANYONE and we should talk about that part as well. People like Cohen will NEVER allow that but it should happen.

Ummm ... what? 246 years? That math ain't mathin'.

RIGHT!?!?! Lil' Stevie thinks he is being smart, but he just made himself look stupid. Not that making a Leftist look stupid is hard to do ...

1776! Again, we propose mandatory history classes for all members of the House and Senate.

There you go. Cohen said his 246-year-old thing to try and be clever. It is not clever though, it is stupid. The 1619 project has been proven to be false and has been debunked more than once. People like Steve like to do those kinds of tricks and pretend you are the dumb one when you correct them. They are the dumb ones. Facts are facts and we do not change the founding of the country because Leftists like playing into identity politics.


Steve, it is people like you who keep us in business, but on behalf of all Americans, we beg you, STOP BEING A RACE-BAITING IGNORAMUS. Your ignorance is not helping anything and you deny straight facts. Please take a history class and get over yourself.

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