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'Lauren Boebert in a string bikini': X asks how far the GOP can push the new dress code in Washington

History Channel / Artist Angie

Twitchy has been keeping you up to date on the dress code change in the Senate and all of the jokes that go along with it. We found a poster on X (Twitter) that had an EXCELLENT idea about how the GOP may push back on Schumer and the Left. 


At the time of writing this article that post had over 7000 likes and 650 RTs so the idea was pretty popular. PLEASE PLEASE for the love of all things good in this world let her wear the bikini with an AR replica fake gun strapped up like she is a video game goddess. 

Look, we know she is in the House and not the Senate BUT the idea is still hilarious and let's be honest she is one of the only people who may actually do it. She just seems to be down for 'owning the Libs' regardless of how it looks. We are not necessarily saying that as an insult. :)



Wait, C-span was popular? When? 

Y'all, we would pay good money to watch Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio skip into the Senate dressed like that! *SNORT*


Happy to see that we were not the only people planning outfits for Ted Cruz. 

This is the way. 


Ummm .. we may have just thrown up in our mouths a little. The things you guys make us think about! Twitchy writers should be getting hazard pay! 

Keep the ideas flowing! We now have an overwhelming need to listen to Party in the USA while drinking cheap beer and we don't even drink ... 

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