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Tantrum Alert: Climate Defiance Has Total MELTDOWN Over Stonehenge Backlash

The Leftist meltdown over normal summer weather (newsflash: it's hot) continues. The other day, the Just Stop Oil loons vandalized Stonehenge to 'bring awareness' to climate change. All they succeeded in doing is uniting sane people in utter hatred of them, but we digress.


The alarmism continues apace, though. The Atlantic is wringing its hands over the 'cost' of air conditioning, stories about 'excessive heat' are all over the media, and Climate Defiance has chimed in again.

In fairness, they did get clobbered by security when they rushed the field during the Congressional softball game last week, so maybe they've got a little brain damage going on.

But we can answer the question: because you're doing actual damage to historical, priceless artifacts while you've been screaming the world is ending for fifty years and not one of your predictions has come true.

You want to ruin our way of life, enact communism, and destroy Western civilization. That's far more upsetting than a hot summer day.

Well said.

The same way eating bugs and riding bicycles will: not at all.


Really thoughtful of them.

They don't even like themselves.

Also this.

Yes. Yes they are.


Not in the least.

+1000 for the 'Lord of the Rings' gif.

Pretty much sums it up.

Feel the unity.

And it will exist long after we're all gone.


Not fair. We like Lisa Simpson.

It's like a 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' cosplay.

And they oppose things like nuclear energy, which is a major tell. As is the fact every solution is right out of the commie playbook.

It's not about clean power or the environment: it's about instituting communism.

We got this reference and laughed. Hard.

A reasonable position.



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