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Title IX Reforms and Campus Protests Prove Government Will Not Protect You

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

I want you to take a good, hard look at this photo. 


In the background, a Jewish student at UCLA is being held hostage by pro-Hamas 'protesters' -- many of whom have popped up in droves at campuses across the country. They are harassing Jews while calling for the destruction of Israel (as well as the destruction of America and her 'colonialist, inherently violent' institutions). In the fore, that is a police officer. A man sanctioned by the state to uphold and enforce the laws that ostensibly protect citizens.

And he is doing nothing.

The behavior of students on campus -- as well as the outsiders who are welcomed and enabled by the feckless administrators of these institutions of 'higher learning' -- directly violates Title VI.

Go back two weeks ago, when the Biden administration gutted Title IX, opening up girls' sports (and locker rooms and bathrooms, scholarships and advancement opportunities) to biological men who claim to be women. The same re-write of the federal law also makes it a punishable offense for a girl to speak out about the usurpation of her rights, privacy, and opportunities.

There's a saying: 'When seconds matter, police are only minutes away' and it rings truer now more than ever.

Government will not protect you.

It's one purpose is to protect your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and they have no interest in doing so. And it's absolutely bipartisan.

If they did, the Biden administration wouldn't have gutted Title IX while Biden gets up and tells women (funny how they can only define 'women' when they're pandering for our votes) their only 'freedom' lies solely in aborting their unborn children. But not in being able to object to changing in front of biological men.

And if the government was interested in protecting you, they'd send the National Guard to campuses across the nation to ensure Jewish students aren't harassed, beaten, and held hostage by fellow students and actual terrorists. They would punish the schools who enabled and encouraged this behavior to send a clear message: never again.

But they won't.

If the government cared about protecting you, it would shut down the border where illegal immigrants -- some of them surely terrorists and Chinese agents -- pour over on a daily basis. They are unchecked, unvaccinated, and released into your communities.

This same government tried to get you fired for not getting the COVID vaccine. But they did that to 'protect' you.

If this government gave one iota about your safety, Democrat DAs in blue cities and states wouldn't embrace 'criminal justice reform', cashless bail, and policies that turn violent criminals loose again and again to harass, assault, and murder. But they do. While they punish guys like Daniel Penny for actual defending his fellow citizens.

And as we get closer to the election, with a summer that seems on track to see massive civil unrest (if the campus protests and response to them are any indication), we might see these same politicians wake up (after viewing their poll numbers, naturally).

They might start promising harsher penalties for criminals. They might talk about tougher laws and cracking down on the border. They might promise you everything you need to hear as you wonder if your college bound student will be safe when they head to school in the fall, if your family is safe taking a summer vacation.

But don't forget -- they have all the power they need to make and keep you safe right now.

They are choosing not to.

And even if they promise you the moon if you reelect them in November, don't believe them. They've already shown you they don't intend to keep this promise.


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