Yesterday afternoon, we gave you a taste of the media falling all over themselves to defend Linda Sarsour’s endorsement of “jihad” in a speech denouncing Donald Trump, a trend that’s continued into today.

Mind if we add a heavy hitter to the pile?

“Conservative wrath.” Because it’s conservatives’ fault that Sarsour, a well-known defender of sharia law and terrorist apologist, specifically referred to  “jihad” in her speech. How dare conservatives’ associate jihad with violence?! The nerve!

Never fails.

Would it kill the mainstream media to acknowledge Sarsour’s history for once? Would it kill them to concede that someone who regularly defends radical Islam might not have innocent intentions when she mentions jihad? And would it kill them to not twist themselves into knots to paint conservatives as the bad guys?



Oh, hey, here comes the HuffPost:

Of course.



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