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Meteorologist Ryan Maue's had it with recent heatwave hysterics fueled by MSM and activist 'researchers'

AP Photo/Frank Augstein

Climate panic is big business. It must be, with the way the media have been falling all over themselves to link literally everything to climate change and link climate change to literally everything. Yesterday, Gordon went after CBS News for trying to use "Barbie" to shoehorn the climate crisis even harder into the public's consciousness. Can't believe they didn't complete the set and warn us that pretty soon, going outside would feel exactly like having the A-bomb dropped on you. It's a little disappointing. But "Oppenheimer" will be in theaters for at least a few more weeks, so maybe they'll get around to it.

Anyway, my point here is that the mainstream media are pretending to be concerned about the implications of summer heatwaves while actually reveling in them, because the weather has afforded them yet another opportunity to sow the seeds of panic that, if they take root, can fuel the fire of a major left-wing agenda. Did you catch this offering from the Associated Press? There are plenty more hot takes where this one came from:

"Researchers," or climate activist propagandists masquerading as researchers? I'd put my money on the latter.

Definitely. But, much like the heat waves themselves, the propaganda is spreading, gripping the globe and becoming more common.

Ryan Maue is a meteorologist and climate scientist. But unlike so many of his agenda-driven colleagues, his research and conclusions don't rely on cherry-picked data. He's a big-picture kind of guy, and as such, he's looking at the media and sCiEnTiFiC cOmMuNiTy's heatwave hysterics and adding much-needed, and much-lacking, perspective to the discussion.

Sounds about right. Stoke the fires of panic now, ask questions later.

Well, we are. We've been around long enough to know that it's been really, really hot before, and long enough to have learned that it got really, really hot before any of us who are around right now were ever here.

Oh God. Don't even get me started on that stupid-ass Hillary tweet. So dumb. How that woman made it as far in her life as she did, I'll never understand. She's just so painfully uncreative.

We're not buying it. And we have no reason to believe that the research isn't "specifically tailored" to achieve a predetermined conclusion.

So, treat it like propaganda and lies as opposed to sound science, then.

In other words, we can't trust the authors of this study to accurately represent what's going on, rendering the study effectively worthless when it comes to serious, logical attempts to understand climate change.

Maue also shared this thread from professor and political scientist Roger A. Pielke Jr. (whose father, Roger A. Pielke Sr., is a meteorologist interested in climate modeling):

If the kinds of "researchers" being cited by the MSM in fearmongering articles about climate change have it their way, no one will actually look at the data. The best way to keep us feeling the heat is to keep us in the dark.



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