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The View ladies wonder if Tucker Carlson having J6 footage could lay the groundwork for another 9/11

No matter how you feel about GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy giving Fox News host Tucker Carlson more than 40,000 hours of footage from the January 6 Capitol riot, hopefully everyone can at least agree on one thing: the women of “The View” are making absolute clowns of themselves over it.


We’ll ease into things with Joy Behar, whose mind was evidently someplace NSFW while she was supposed to be discussing Carlson and the footage:

Joy’s usually pretty screechy and stupid, but believe it or not, she and her erection-election-insurrection take were actually pretty tame in comparison to what Alyssa Farah Griffin had to say:

First of all, this “as a Republican, we …” BS is just that: BS. Farah calls herself a Republican or a conservative so that she can get credit from the Left for being the good kind of Republican or conservative, aka the kind of Republican or conservative who hates Republicans and conservatives.

And second of all, the January 6 riot was horrible and never should have happened, but to suggest that it laid the groundwork for another 9/11, or that Tucker Carlson airing footage from that day could lay the groundwork for another 9/11 is absolutely dishonest and disgusting and an absolute slap in the faces of 9/11 victims and their loved ones. And Alyssa knows it. She’s just so desperate to ingratiate herself with the Left that she doesn’t care.


We’re gonna be pissed about that one for a while, but let’s keep going:

The irony of someone like Sunny Hostin calling Tucker Carlson a “fake news anchor” should not be lost on anyone. It would be like if she called him a racist. Racist fake news purveyor, heal thyself.

There’s some fake news for you, Sunny!


That commercial break should’ve come as soon as the segment started. Just cut to commercial for the entire show.

What a mess.



Dems will NOT be thrilled that Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson over 40,000 hours of J6 footage

Adam Schiff NOT happy Kevin McCarthy gave all J6 footage to lying propagandist Tucker Carlson


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