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After months of lying, MSM are ready to acknowledge that John Fetterman's health is a 'horror show'

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman was hospitalized after feeling “lightheaded”:


Could’ve happened to anyone, really. Who among us hasn’t gotten a little lightheaded … and needed to be hospitalized as a result?

Anyway, some people couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe there was more that his campaign wasn’t telling us, like maybe his health issues went deeper than just lightheadedness. Well, guess what: now that he’s been sworn in as a U.S. Senator, the media are ready to discuss the possibility that he’s got some pretty serious problems.

The New York Times is out with a big article today all about Fetterman’s uphill battle in his first month or so in the Senate:

Eh, better late than never, right?

What?! This is the first we’re hearing about any of this!*

*Because the mainstream media spent months last year running interference for Fetterman and doing their damnedest to squash any discussion of even the possibility that Fetterman could still be struggling with cognitive and mental impairments after suffering a major stroke. To any intellectually honest person, it was crystal-clear from watching and listening to Fetterman that he was most definitely not OK.


More from the New York Times’ Annie Karni:

The attacks during the campaign — Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called him “unapologetically brain damaged” and Republicans accused him of lying about his health — also are never far out of mind. Some of those aspersions continue; the Republican National Committee blasted out a clip earlier this month of Mr. Fetterman tripping over the word “water” at an event announcing $340 million in federal funding for Philadelphia to modernize its water infrastructure. On Thursday night, Mr. Carlson was back to attacking Mr. Fetterman’s health even as he recuperated in the hospital. “Sad, but also, you wonder, what is going on?” Mr. Carlson said.

Republicans pounced!

OK, but those “aspersions” are demonstrably accurate. Karni’s article literally confirms that Fetterman is still dealing with substantial health issues that affect his physical and mental wellbeing. Tucker Carlson was right: something is very, very wrong with John Fetterman.



Snark aside, if Fetterman is hearing the “Peanuts” teacher when people are talking to him, that’s a pretty powerful sign that all is not well.

His wife could very be the one that convinces him to resign … so she can replace him as senator.


The Fetterm

Our friend Jim Treacher is old enough to remember that, too. Our friend Jim Treacher has been retweeting some of the greatest hits from the 2022 campaign, full of effusive praise for John Fetterman’s stunning bravery in the face of bigots and haters who dared to suspect that his health was compromised.


Here are just a few:

Good times.

And on the rare occasion that someone in the media tried to tell the truth, they were raked over the coals for it.


Dasha Burns deserves several apologies. But she shouldn’t hold her breath for a single one.

Ah, yes. Dr. Chen and his “medical report.” There were quite a few actors in this whole production.

In a sane world with a media capable of introspection and a desire to improve, it would be seen as a crisis. Instead, we’re told to just ignore the pile of lies and continue to put our faith in people who have no faith in us.

Now there’s an understatement.

We certainly won’t argue that Fetterman’s minders were not looking out for his best interests (they certainly weren’t looking out for the interests of Pennsylvanians). But it’s important to remember that, impaired as he was, John Fetterman was still competent enough to say he wasn’t going to participate in this sham, and he chose silence or outright denial. He’s certainly not an innocent victim in all this.


Everyone who participated in this charade — John Fetterman, Gisele Fetterman, Fetterman’s campaign, the media — needs to be held accountable.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet and text.




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