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WATCH: The View is very disturbed by anyone who's very disturbed by Joe Biden's 'Where's Jackie?' moment

What is the worst “news” talk show on TV, and why is it “The View”?

OK, so maybe it’s not technically the worst show on TV, but it might be the worst “news” talk show on broadcast TV, at least. And that’s no small feat.


You may remember yesterday, when President Joe Biden asked “Where’s Jackie?” and scanned the room for Rep. Jackie Walorski, having apparently forgotten that she died early last month in a car accident. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself in the unfortunate position of having to explain it all away, and, to their credit, even reporters from outlets known to be quite friendly to this administration weren’t letting KJP off the hook for her terrible spin.

Basically, the White House press corps decided to wise up and take their jobs seriously yesterday … and the ladies of “The View” are not at all happy about it:

We can go after him for whatever we want to go after him for. As long as what he did was wrong and/or stupid, we can go after him.


And the fact that Walorski passed away last month and not, like, a hundred years ago makes it even more troubling that Biden forgot. Are we supposed to just be OK with the fact that his short-term memory seems to be shot? According to “The View,” yes. Yes we are:

This wasn’t Joe Biden misspeaking. Contra Sara Haines account of what happened, you could not see that Biden immediately realized he’d made a mistake after asking where Jackie Walorski was and looking for her. He really thought she was going to stand up when he called her name.

And Joy, the right wing doesn’t need to “weaponize” Joe Biden’s gaffes. His gaffes speak for themselves, and they say that Biden doesn’t belong anywhere near the levers of power.


This country doesn’t have a problem with age; it has a problem with Joe Biden, who has a problem with senility. If Sunny Hostin is so concerned about how the elderly are treated in this country, where’s her outrage of the elder abuse that is clearly being inflicted upon Joe Biden by those around him, especially his “loving” wife Jill.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s attempt at a coverup was awful, to be sure, and it certainly didn’t do Biden (or her) any favors. But Biden’s “endearing” little gaffe was awful, too. It put Jean-Pierre in the position of having to talk about it, and it put Joe Biden in the position of further exposing the extent of his senility.


You know, at this point it seems fair to ask if the cohosts of “The View” are losing their minds, too.



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