The women of “The View” just can’t get enough of Stacey Abrams. They love them some Democratic election deniers!

If the voters in Georgia are smart, they won’t listen to the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or anyone else on “The View” for advice on how to vote.

Seriously, these ladies are the absolute worst. Which, of course, makes them the perfect hosts for someone like Stacey Abrams:

“I have never denied that I lost.” Except, you know, for the times she denied she lost. Including on “The View”!

We all heard her. She’s gaslighting, and “The View” is not only letting her do it, but they’re applauding her for it.

Hell would have to freeze over twice before they’d ever invite Donald Trump on as a guest, but if they did, we feel quite confident saying that they wouldn’t let him pull a Stacey Abrams.




Insurrection-y? Stacey Abrams ‘[doesn’t] ever want us to be in a place as Americans where we cannot legitimately question and critique systems’


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