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Dem Sen. Dick Durbin can't just categorically condemn left-wing political violence in wake of threat on Brett Kavanaugh's life

Discussing the reported assassination attempt on Brett Kavanaugh on CNN today, journalist Whitney Wild was very careful to remind viewers that “there are emotions on both sides.”


Totally coincidentally and not because CNN is a shameless mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin made similar point:

And Dick Durbin is taking it so seriously that he can’t bring himself to unequivocally condemn an attempt on a Supreme Court Justice’s life.

Dick “Very Fine People on Both Sides” Durbin.


That tweet right there is what Dick Durbin could have and should have said.

If Dick Durbin were genuinely interested in condemning left-wing political violence, he would. That he didn’t today speaks volumes.

Only if by “disavow,” you mean “agree with.”



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