Republican Sen. Josh Hawley scrutinizing the record of Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson has caused Democrats and the media (as always, pardon the redundancy) to circle the wagons and clutch their pearls.

Today the Senate’s confirmation hearing began, and Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin has set the bar at “questioning the nominee’s record is uncivil.”

The Dems are hoping for the vast majority of the Senate to rubber-stamp the confirmation of Biden’s nominee, and anything less than that will be deemed to be a display of incivility.

It has to be said…

When it comes to “civility” in SCOTUS hearings, there’s no self-unawareness like Senate Democrat self-unawareness:

As for MSM “fact-checkers,” everybody knows how that works…

The words “fact-checker” should always be said while accompanied by the most exaggerated finger quotes possible.



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