Wow, Sen. Josh Hawley really opened a can of worms with his lengthy thread pointing to a pattern of President Joe Biden’s nominee for Supreme Court being lenient on sex offenders and consumers of child pornography. Hawley had the receipts, but we’re not allowed to discuss them because Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the first black woman on the Supreme Court, and that’s history being made right there. There have been plenty of efforts to discredit Hawley himself: the ladies of “The View” said Hawley didn’t have the “moral standing” to be talking about the Constitution, and Jen Psaki claimed in a tweet that Hawley had refused to speak out against Roy Moore, who’d been accused of inappropriate behavior with underage girls, even though a quick Google search showed Hawley calling on Moore to step down, making Psaki’s tweet yet another one of her lies still posted to Twitter.

Whatever you think of Hawley, his thread really should be taken seriously. But rather than do that, Biden supporters are lining up to discredit Hawley. Psaki tied him to Roy Moore, and the Center for American Progress’ Ian Milhiser is comparing Hawley’s thread to “Pizzagate.”

Did you hear that Brett Kavanaugh likes beer?

She’s going to be asked about this during the Senate confirmation hearings, so she’d better be working on her explanation now.


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