The confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee Ketanji Jackson Brown are underway, and they’re off to a hell of a start!

For what it’s worth, the illustrious Donna Brazile is positively gushing over Jackson and sees this as a truly historic day:


“When then-candidate Joe Biden promised to put a black woman on the Supreme Court, back in 2020, we heard him and we began to organize. Not just to put a woman on his formal ticket, which turned out to be Kamala Harris, but a black woman on the Supreme Court. We know that Ketanji Brown Jackson is extremely qualified.”

Actually, Donna, we’d say the last sentence there is completely undercut by everything you said before it. We don’t know that Ketanji Brown Jackson is extremely qualified, because Joe Biden promised to nominate a Supreme Court justice based solely on the qualifications of being a black woman.

Ketanji Brown Jackson could be the greatest, most brilliant jurist the United States has ever seen, but none of that matters because ultimately, she will have been nominated as nothing more than a diversity hire.

Maybe Ketanji Brown Jackson is just happy to be nominated. That’s entirely possible. And if that’s the case, we hope she enjoys this time in the spotlight. But she’ll always have an asterisk by her name, and she’ll never be able to outrun it.

Hey, that’s identity politics for you.

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