Yesterday, we told you about the Washington Post Editorial Board proclaiming that “the ATF still lacks a leader because of gun obsessives’ delusional oversensitivity.”

For what it’s worth, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin apparently agrees with WaPo’s assessment. According to Durbin, those damn gun obsessives need to spend a lot less time caring about ATF nominees who allegedly have a record of making racist remarks. ATF nominees like David Chipman.

The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski recently reported on ATF agents who worked with Chipman in the past corroborating the existence of a complaint against Chipman for racist remarks:

Thanks to Gutowski’s reporting, GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell recently called for Chipman’s name to be withdrawn from consideration. Senate Judiciary Republicans have demanded, at the very least, another hearing in which the allegations can be addressed.

And according to Durbin, their concerns about Chipman have no basis in fact or reality:

Stephen Gutowski is not a careless reporter. He’s built a reputation as a solid journalist who is nothing if not thorough and meticulous in his research and reporting. And Dick Durbin has no tolerance for journalists he can’t manipulate and keep under Democrats’ thumbs.


Shameful is Dick Durbin’s M.O.

For the record, Gutowski has posted a letter from one of his sources on Chipman:


It’s not Gutowski whose credibility is in doubt; it’s Durbin’s.