Stephen Gutowski of The Reload reported Wednesday that President Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, David Chipman, had allegedly made racist comments during his previous stint at the agency.

Gutowski reports:

Multiple ATF sources back up the existence of a complaint alleging President Biden’s nominee to lead ATF, David Chipman, made racist comments during his previous stint at the agency.

The agents, who have decades of experience at the agency, told The Reload they heard the accusation that Chipman denigrated black ATF agents up for promotion. The officials said they heard about Chipman’s alleged comments before they were referenced in a recent lawsuit seeking the release of the complaint.

“He made some comments that he was surprised by the number of African Americans who have made it onto a specific promotional list,” a current ATF official told The Reload. “So, his insinuation was that they had to have cheated. Which is kind of despicable.”

The current ATF official said the allegation ended his time in Detroit.

“He left Detroit because of that,” he said. “He did not leave Detroit on the best of terms. His reputation was that he was not nice to people.”

In light of these allegations, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are calling for a new hearing, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday called for Biden to withdraw Chipman’s nomination.

Sen. Ted Cruz has picked up on the story:

Racism? You’d think the mainstream media would be all over that one.