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CNN senior legal analyst Laura Coates warns that interstate travel and same-sex marriage could be next on SCOTUS' chopping block [video]

Boy, it’s a good thing that as the explosions of liberal heads ripple across the country over the prospect of Roe v. Wade being overturned, far cooler heads are prevailing over at CNN.


Here’s CNN senior legal analyst Laura Coates with a calm, reasonable, rational take on the situation:


“Steve, you spoke about an earthquake … well, a familiar phrase is “a slippery slope” in the Supreme Court. That which you do in one area could extend to others. Well, fundamental rights include interstate travel, include the idea of same-sex marriage, include same-sex relationships, just to name a few. Now this is essentially gone … what’s next?”

What’s next? Well, for one thing, Roe v. Wade hasn’t been overturned yet. And if it is, abortion does not suddenly become illegal. Thanks to the 10th Amendment, states can make their own laws concerning abortion.

Also, abortion is not, in fact, the same kind of fundamental right as interstate travel, which is not the same as same-sex marriage or same-sex relationships. We didn’t think this was the sort of stuff that needed to be said, but then, we aren’t CNN senior legal analysts, are we?

Not just misinformation, but ignorant misinformation. It’s embarrassing. We’re genuinely embarrassed for people like Laura Coates. And for any network who would hire her as a legal expert of any kind.


Totally makes sense that the same network who welcomes Ana Navarro as a contributor would also give Laura Coates money to share her own stupid opinions.

We can actually think of quite a few other words for it. Unfortunately none of them are appropriate for polite company. So suffice it to say, the libs are decidedly not OK.

Ah, but the day is still young.



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