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Dr. Pradheep Shanker thinks he's found pretty convincing evidence that Joe Biden is just 'playing politics with masks' [photo]

The U.S. Capitol dropped the mask requirement just prior to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address this past Tuesday. Though Jen Psaki repeatedly denied that the decision to drop the mandate had anything whatsoever to do with the timing of the speech, skeptics out there nonetheless wondered if ditching masks was nothing more than a calculated political move.


Those skeptics may be onto something. Twitchy regular Dr. Pradheep Shanker noticed something recently that lends a lot of support to the theory that this mask mandate business is nothing more than a political game for Democratic Party:

Check out the photo gallery from Joe Biden’s post-SOTU visit to the University of Wisconsin-Superior, where he spoke to the Yellow Union. You’ll notice that not only Biden is masked, but the group of people seated more than six feet behind him is fully masked as well. Even though they weren’t saying anything. Even though Joe Biden took off his own mask to speak.


If the campus has a mask requirement, then shouldn’t Joe Biden have led by example and kept his mask on for his speech? After all, Biden supported guidances that suggested kids don’t really need to be able to see people’s faces when those people are speaking. And if kids don’t need to see an unmasked face, adults definitely don’t need to and Biden can keep his mask on. Maybe forever, if he’s a true Covid Destroyer.



This handy ‘graph of COVID deaths’ helps to shed some light on Democrats’ sudden pivot to ending mask mandates [pic]

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