Over the weekend, the U.S. Capitol physician, who a couple of weeks ago said masks would be required at President Biden’s State of the Union address, did a one-eighty and is now saying masks won’t be required for those attending the SOTU speech. The White House has followed that up by announcing an end to mask mandates, and several blue states are also doing away with mandates in schools (in a couple weeks). All this took place a day or two ahead of Biden’s speech to Congress tomorrow.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the incredible coincidence in timing today, and you won’t be surprised by what happened next:

LOL. And she expects everybody to believe that?

Sure, Jen!

The “fact-checkers” will likely just take Psaki’s word for it.

Biden’s speech tomorrow night is likely to set a new gaslighting record and somebody obviously figured having everybody masked up wouldn’t go well with the coming spiking of the ball over ending the pandemic.



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