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Oliver Darcy complains that Joe Rogan, unlike CNN, doesn't 'make sure that the information [he provides] viewers is accurate' [video]

Last week, Adam Carolla zeroed in on the root of the MSM’s fear of Joe Rogan.


Carolla’s absolutely right that the media are terrified of Rogan because they’ve been wrong about so much. Joe Rogan, for all his faults, is willing to do what few mainstream journalists are willing to do and listen to points of view that, while different, are not necessarily wrong.

For proof that Carolla has the media pegged, look no further than CNN’s Oliver Darcy:



Oliver’s hoping that if he says it enough times, we’ll take him seriously.

We cannot take him seriously, however, because he’s full of crap and we all know it. He knows it, too, bless his heart.


The notion that CNN actually follows their own advice and puts Facts First™ is genuinely ludicrous.

Twitchy readers know there’s plenty more where that came from.

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