Joe Rogan has become an incredibly polarizing figure. Not exactly something that most people had on their Bingo cards, but here we are.

The thing is, regardless of what you may think about him, he’s still entitled to his opinion. And if you’re going to have an opinion on him, it’s probably a good idea to actually listen to him first. That’s what Dr. Vinay Prasad did, and he concluded that Joe Rogan got some things right and some things wrong. Unfortunately, precious few of Rogan’s critics are willing to go out on that limb.

Instead, they rant about how Joe Rogan is dangerous and cannot be trusted. And that’s somewhat ironic given that so many of Rogan’s most vocal critics are members of the mainstream media, whose own reputation for honesty and trustworthiness is circling the drain. Adam Carolla recently touched on that in a conversation with Sean Hannity:

As is the case with Joe Rogan, you don’t have to agree with Adam Carolla about everything in order to appreciate that he has value to add to the national discourse. Moreover, unlike, say, hosts at CNN and “The View,” neither Rogan nor Carolla claim to be scientific experts. They’re just a couple of guys who think it’s OK to ask questions when confronting the unknown.

And when it comes to the MSM vs. Joe Rogan, Carolla hit the nail on the head.

The MSM don’t have to parrot everything Joe Rogan says. They don’t have to endorse his views. But the fact that their instinct is to try to shut him down rather than engage in a meaningful debate suggests that there’s something they’re afraid to confront and acknowledge.

The MSM are right to be scared.



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