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David Axelrod emerges from the cave he's apparently been living in to wag his fingers at Donald Trump over COVID19 response

Say, you know what this COVID19 cluster really needed? Some self-important finger-wagging from David Axelrod.

Lucky for us, he came through while watching Donald Trump’s COVID19 press conference this evening:


Well, the WHO didn’t actually confront it until it was too late, and their response has basically been to parrot ChiCom propaganda.

Also, what, exactly, have Democrats done to confront the crisis, other than offer up shameless partisan spin (with plenty of help from the media, of course)?

Could it be that Schumer, Pelosi, et al. are more concerned with scoring cheap political points than with actually helping Americans who are suffering?


Seems to us that Democrats are the ones whose priorities are really in need of being confronted.

We’ll even chip in for the broom, David.



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