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'The ads write themselves'! Kyrsten Sinema caught in yet another embarrassing, Arizona-bashing self-own [video]; UPDATED

If we were Ana Navarro or Bill Kristol, we’d advise Arizona Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema to invest in a top-notch damage control team. But we’re not Ana Navarro or Bill Kristol, so we’re just going to sit here and let her embarrass herself.





That she is.

Apparently the urge is just too strong to resist.


Fortunately for the GOP, she does exist.

Indeed. All the GOP really needs to add is some fancy graphics work, and poof! Instant ad:




You guys. There’s another one:

Why’s she running to represent Arizona again?




‘Dems better hope this doesn’t go viral’! Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema caught mocking her own state

‘She is toast’! Just when you thought videos of Dem Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema slamming her own state couldn’t POSSIBLY get worse…

‘LOL you are sooooooo fuuuuuu*ked’: Is this where Arizona-bashing Kyrsten Sinema gets her material?

Could Kyrsten Sinema’s grave get any deeper? Hell yes, it can!

The hits keep comin’! This might just be the last nail in Kyrsten Sinema’s coffin

Report: Senate candidate Krysten Sinema invited ‘prominent group of feminist witches’ to protest Iraq War

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