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HOLY CRAP! Dem Sen. Chris Murphy sinks to SICK new low over Dana Loesch's NRA ad


You’ve gotta hand it to Sen. Chris Murphy. Just when you think he can’t possibly stoop any lower, he proves us wrong.


Earlier today, he tried to turn Donald Trump’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski into an opportunity to paint Republicans as evil, health-insurance-snatching moral degenerates. Then, for an encore, he decided to slime Dana Loesch and the NRA:

We think he’s completely full of crap. He’s grossly misrepresenting Loesch’s message and if he doesn’t realize that, he’s even stupider than we thought.

But it’s probably much safer to say that he knows he’s lying and doesn’t care. And why should he? He’s made it his life’s mission to fan flames, and it looks like he’s getting what he wants:








Congratulations, Chris Murphy. Mission accomplished.



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