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Climate crisis! Guess Obama's planet healing wasn't enough for Dianne Feinstein

The U.S. can’t be allowed to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. We just can’t. Because if we do, horrible things will happen. Just ask Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein:


What will we do, you guys? What’re we gonna do???

Well, of course they’re back.


Oh, you thought that was permanent?

What a shame. If we don’t abide by the climate change agreement — which would totally reverse the deadly course we’re on and is totally not just another exercise in moral preening — we’re dooming ourselves to a hot, hungry, watery, diseased death.

Wait, are you suggesting it doesn’t?


Feinstein’s definitely not the type of person who gets hysterical.

It’s pretty clear that we’re in a major pickle if we ditch the Paris Climate Accord, so Feinstein and her colleagues have definitely got their work cut out for them. We certainly wish them the best of luck.

Just one request:

And we can’t have that!



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