When it comes time to choose a Senate candidate for 2024, California Democrats have an important decision to make. Assuming Dianne Feinstein decides to announce her retirement, of course.

Congresscritter and garbage person Katie Porter announced her candidacy earlier this month, and as of today, she’s got competition from fellow congresscritter and garbage person Adam Schiff. That’s right, folks. The Adam Schiff.

He’s running like the wind:

He’s got a video and everything:

We’ll get into this in a moment, just as soon as we’re able to stop laughing.

OK, we can’t stop laughing, so we’ll just do our best to dial it down to giggles for long enough to finish this post.

Adam Effing Schiff, you guys.

Just hook it to our veins.

Damn straight.

Oh God. Yes, please.

Schiff should make all his campaign videos on TikTok. Keep ’em comin’!



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