House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has informed Democrat leadership that Reps. Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff will not be serving on the Intelligence Community this term. That news caused Rep. Swalwell to bring on the drama by suggesting that McCarthy is trying to get him (along with Reps. Schiff and Omar) killed by booting them from committees and explaining why it’s being done.

Schiff continued today’s Dem whine-fest by pointing out that McCarthy’s allowing a “serial fabricator” to have a committee seat but not him:

If your irony detector just exploded, so did everybody else’s:

Is Schiff trying to explain why neither of them should have committee assignments, or both of them should? This seems like a bit of a self-own from Schiff-ty.

The “serial fabricator” call is coming from inside the house, Rep. Schiff.

If only.



Schiff & Swalwell whine about getting booted off the Intel Committee and there’s NOT enough popcorn

Adam Schiff’s warning about Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to remove him from Intel Cmte. is beyond parody


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