WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart helpfully breaks down ‘why Black people are afraid of ‘crazy’ White people’

Earlier, we told you about antiracist Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s piece in The Atlantic all about struggling to navigate raising a Black child who goes to a daycare that has white dolls in their toy box. White dolls are pretty terrifying, if you think about it.

But still not as terrifying as the real thing: “crazy” White people. According to Washington Post associate editor — and MSNBC anchor — Jonathan Capehart, “crazy” White people are not to be trifled with:

Capehart writes:

Let me try to explain. Things felt so dicey during the Trump years, I half-joked that my husband and I might have to reenact that scene from “The Sound of Music” and flee the country. Now, an alarming new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that my “Operation von Trapp” might need to go live. The ranks of “crazy” White people appear to be growing — and the rest of us don’t know what to do about it.

“Crazy,” of course, is not a clinical diagnosis, and what constitutes “crazy” changes by the day as much as by the generation. Right now, I am defining “crazy” as anyone who believes any aspect of the racist “great replacement” conspiracy. This is the noxious idea that liberals are deliberately replacing White people with non-Whites and immigrants. It’s what allegedly drove an 18-year-old man to target Black people in Buffalo, killing 10 and wounding three.

It’s worth noting that liberals and Democrats — including media liberals and Democrats — have deliberately been spreading the noxious, racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory for quite some time now. But we digress.

More from Capehart:

Sure, we can vote and organize, and change hearts and minds and all that. And we must! But I don’t blame us marginalized people for being scared. The warnings of a potential loss of freedom, liberty and life are omnipresent and unrelenting, like being in the middle of Times Square with every sign flashing “You in danger!”

And it’s all because the number of “crazy” White people in America fearing “replacement” appears to be growing — and they seem ready to do whatever it takes to stay at the pinnacle of American life.

The quintessential kind of racist nonsense.


In the unlikely event that WaPo had even published it in the first place, their office would probably be on fire right now.

(To be fair, though, given what’s been going on at the Washington Post lately, their office basically is on fire right now.)



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