The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart of course kicks off his rant against Republican state governors by bringing up the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida that’s going to hurt LGBTQ kids and their families (citation needed) and also Florida’s “Stop WOKE Act,” which aims to extricate the roots of critical race theory from public schools, which Gov. Ron DeSantis calls “state-sanctioned racism.” Capehart alleges it’s only meant to keep white kids from discomfort when learning about the actual history of the United States, as if that weren’t taught already.

Capehart was a panelist on PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff, and of course, didn’t get any pushback on any of these lies. And these are the same media elites who want a clampdown on “misinformation” on social media.

At least we know Democrats will go headlong into the midterms supporting teaching gender identity to kindergarteners and dividing classrooms by race into “oppressors” and “the oppressed.”


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