Earlier, we told you about Ian McKelvey’s illuminating thread on “Great Replacement Theory,” that evil, racist school of thought bitterly clung to by conservatives and Republicans and Fox News. The evil, racist school of thought that inspired the Buffalo shooter to murder a bunch of innocent people (despite the fact that the Buffalo shooter himself said that he’s a far-Left hater of conservatives and Republicans and Fox News).

Be sure to check out McKelvey’s thread if you haven’t already, because it complements this supercut from Grabien’s Tom Elliott quite nicely:

Is there room for one more? Of course there is. There always is. Especially if it’s from Joe Effing Biden:

Elliott has collected quite a bit of footage from quite a few people pushing “Great Replacement Theory,” yet there was a nary a right-winger to be found. Weird, huh?

We get that you work for CNN and have a job to do, Andrew. But come on.

John Avlon and the rest of the libs in that footage knew exactly what they were saying and suggesting.

So basically Chuck Schumer was just projecting really, really forcefully. Imagine that.

It’s almost as if it’s not conservatives and Republicans who are obsessed with race and racial demographics. It’s almost as if liberals and Democrats are the ones who insist on viewing everything through a racial lens.