Man. Is the Washington Post coming unglued over Elon Musk buying Twitter or what? The way they’re carrying on, you basically have no choice but to believe that they’re legit terrified of what free speech could mean for their business model, which, for the past several years, at least, has depended on Twitter running interference for them and other outlets who see “journalism” as the art of protecting liberal narratives at all costs.

Earlier, we told you about Elizabeth Dwoskin’s WaPo piece trying to stir up fear that Musk willfully put Twitter execs’ lives in danger by using his considerable platform to spotlight their liberal partisan agendas. Dwoskin even went so far as to outright lie about Saagar Enjeti in order to avoid assigning any accountability to either Twitter execs or to the media for engaging in very systematic and deliberate censorship campaigns to benefit Democrats and liberals.

There is evidently no straw at which WaPo will not desperately grasp in order to paint Elon Musk as the Enemy of Free Speech and Journalism:


Well, yeah.

He might as well have. He, maybe more than anyone else, has motive for throwing Elon Musk under the bus. Before Elon Musk was the wealthiest man in the world, Jeff Bezos was. The same Jeff Bezos whose Amazon and Washington Post have actively engaged in suppression of free speech and propping up of human rights abusers. The same Jeff Bezos who has famously used his wealth to control media’s channels of communication.

Envy isn’t a good look on anybody, Jeff.



Public Citizen sets out to prove that Elon Musk is a free speech hypocrite by demonstrating that they have no idea how free speech works

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