‘Complete BS’: Saagar Enjeti busts WaPo journo who straight-up lied about him in order to paint Elon Musk as a safety threat

Earlier, we told you about Washington Post Silicon Valley correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin’s piece about Elon Musk using his Twitter account to comment on the pretty obvious liberal agenda of two Twitter execs, Vijaya Gadde and Jim Baker. The irony of the same outlet that paid Taylor Lorenz to doxx Libs of Tik Tok complaining about Elon Musk putting Twitter execs’ lives at risk by pointing out that they censored valid, politically significant stories for partisan reasons is apparently lost on Dwoskin and WaPo.

Anyway, one of the tweets Musk had responded to was this one from political commentator and podcaster Saagar Enjeti:

Naturally, Dwoskin covered that in her piece:

It started with a tweet from political podcast host Saagar Enjeti, who was responding to a report by Politico that Twitter’s legal, policy and trust leader broke down in tears at a meeting with her staff this week.

“Vijaya Gadde, the top censorship advocate at Twitter who famously gaslit the world on Joe Rogan’s podcast and censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, is very upset about the @elonmusk takeover,” Enjeti tweeted.

What Dwoskin did not do, however, was represent Enjeti honestly.


But until now, Musk’s criticisms do not appear to have been personal or targeted at individual Twitter employees. His responses to the tweets from Enjeti and online influencer Mike Cernovich also reveal the chaos — and potential harm — that can ensue when the incoming owner of a company amplifies criticism of workers there.

Twitter, Musk, Enjeti and the two targeted Twitter executives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

As Enjeti reveals, Dwoskin is completely full of it. And he’s got the receipts to prove it:

The questions were genuinely ridiculous:

Dwoskin, WaPo, and liberal media desperately want someone to blame for their pro-censorship agenda being exposed.

What does Elizabeth Dwoskin hope to accomplish? Because if it’s anything other than outing herself as a flaming hack, she’s failed. Miserably.


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