Elon Musk is under fire from blue-check journos this morning after he dared to comment on news stories featuring Twitter executives.

“Moments after @elonmusk publicly criticised the work of Twitter policy exec @vijaya, her mentions are full of hateful tweets,” tweeted Dave Lee of the Financial Times.  “Is this how he plans to run the company?”

Um, we *hope* so?

Lee was responding to what Musk tweeted in response to this Politico article on Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde:

There’s nothing even wrong with what Musk tweeted:

So, Musk can’t say this out loud now?

And since when does one of the most powerful woman executives in the U.S. need protection from a male journo?

This “has become such a tiring and dishonest tactic from pro-censorship journalists. Public criticism of someone, especially someone in a position of power, does not make you responsible for what other people say to them”:

There is a second Musk tweet getting called out, this one in response to Mike Cernovich:

Cernovich’s crime? Well, he pointed out that Jim Baker — currently with Twitter — is the same Jim Baker who is up to his ears in the Michael Sussmann criminal trial.

“Twitter lawyer Jim Baker, when general counsel of the FBI, personally arranged a meeting between the FBI and Michael Sussmann. In this meeting, Sussmann presented fabricated evidence in the Alfa bank matter”:

Musk responded with, “Sounds pretty bad …”:

Don’t get mad at Cernovich over this:

And cue the meltdown:



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