If you’ve been tuning into the Senate confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, you’ve witnessed quite a spectacle. And we’re only on the second day!

Well, going forward, if you’re going to keep watching the proceedings, Vox journalist and expert video editor Aaron Rupar has something for you to keep in mind:

Apparently our old pal and Aaron’s Vox coworker Ian Millhiser made a similar observation yesterday (in addition to other stupid observations, of course):

Anyway, because we appreciate the finer things in life, we appreciate Aaron Rupar’s touching lack of self-awareness. And we especially appreciate it when it gets a response like the one it got from Washington Examiner contributor Harry Khachatrian:

That. Was. Magnificent.

Aaron Rupar is a repeat offender. And watching him get intellectually murdered never gets old.

Can’t wait til the next time!



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