Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin kicked off Day 2 of the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings in typical Dick Durbin style: by making an absolute jackass of himself. The thing is, because he always manages to cram so much stupid into a relatively short amount of time, we have to be kind of picky when it comes to what we cover here. There are only so many minutes in a day, you know, and there’s tons of other news out there.

Anyway, we figured that this Dick Durbin moment was definitely worth highlighting:

Alas, Merrick Garland! May he Rest in Peace.

Think that’s rich? Listen to how it sounds coming straight from the jackass’ mouth:


Must be nice to be Dick Durbin, knowing you can sit up there and spew absolute garbage BS without being interrupted and that legions of gullible liberals will just nod along with it because it’s more fun to hate on Mitch McConnell than it is to care about the truth.

Of course Dems want to pack SCOTUS. They want to pack it to the brim with liberal activist judges so they can get everything they want now (with no regard for what Republicans could turn around and do at some point, because the Dems are not thinking that far ahead and assume they’ll be in power forever).

He literally can’t help himself. It’s pathological.

Dick Durbin has always been a clown. No reason to expect him to stop now.

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