Shoe after shoe after shoe has been dropping ever since news broke that CNN head Jeff Zucker resigned following revelations about a “consensual relationship” with his CNN colleague Allison Gollust.

And don’t get us wrong: Zucker’s sketchy and toxic as hell. But he definitely doesn’t have a monopoly on sketchiness and toxicity over at CNN. Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, for example, have been going to bat hard for Zucker, which is not just gross but also puzzling, given that Zucker has put Stelter, Darcy, et al. in this position.

What an inspirational message.

It must make Zucker feel all warm and fuzzy, knowing that his employees are so fiercely loyal to him.

And make no mistake: they are fiercely loyal. This thread from Politico’s Maxwell Tani on a meeting between Jason Kilar, WarnerMedia CEO, and CNN staff sheds some more light on just how fierce their fierce loyalty is:

More from Politico:

“Did your personal feelings at all and any past conflict you have with Jeff play into this at all?” an attendee asked.

Kilar defended his actions from tough questions from a number of prominent on-air network personalities including Kaitlan Collins, Jake Tapper and others.

“Talking about ‘what you do everyday’ — Jeff is a very critical part of that,” one CNN White House reporter said. “If you listen to the 9 a.m. calls, if you talk to anyone in this room … that’s how they feel.”

Another CNN staffer noted that Zucker’s departure was likely to color the launch of CNN+, the network’s new streaming service.

“Every story that gets written about us is going to be this,” another employee said during the meeting.

How telling that firefighters are apparently much angrier with Jason Kilar than they are with Jeff Zucker.

Oh, the humanity!

Kilar shouldn’t have to win anyone over. They should all be furious with Jeff Zucker.

Though we suppose it’s more difficult to be furious with someone you’ve been covering for for so long.

Well, technically Mary Katharine Ham is a CNN contributor, which makes her an exception to this otherwise solid rule.

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