CNN is really hoppin’ today thanks to Jeff Zucker announcing his resignation over “a consensual relationship with [his] closest colleague” Allison Gollust that came to light during the investigation into allegations against erstwhile primetime host Chris Cuomo.

With Zucker out, though, it means there’s a void that needs to be filled. And who better to fill it than Brian Stelter? What CNN needs now more than anything is a devoted captain to right this sinking ship.

Until a replacement is officially chosen, looks like it’s informally up to Stelter to rally the troops.

And he’ll be damned if he’s not going to do his absolute best:

The news must continue. It’s what Jeff Zucker, that rock of CNN, would want.

Kate Bolduan is clearly inspired by Stelter’s efforts to boost morale. Just look at the inspiration on her face:


Kate doesn’t appear to be sold on what Brian’s selling.

Can you blame her?

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