The world doesn’t stop, not even for CNN. So, despite Jeff Zucker’s departure, the Real News™ Facts First™ network must persevere in the face of hardship, all the while honoring the legacy and continuing the mission of their erstwhile dear leader:

Michael Bass is executive vice president of programming and one of three interim co-heads of CNN as the network struggles to regain their footing after suffering the crushing blow of losing Zucker.

Michael Bass also lives in the Upside-Down, it would seem.

The way Bass talks about Zucker, one could be forgiven for mistaking his remarks for a eulogy. A really, really weird and icky eulogy.

Clearly Brian is not going to be OK.

We could certainly sit here and pile on Brian Stelter for this, because it’s abundantly clear that he is willing to be Jeff Zucker’s white knight in shining armor. But we’re going to focus instead here on Michael Bass, the guy who actually made the nauseating comments Stelter is quoting.


It really is fascinating. CNN has been given an opportunity to start from scratch.

There’s definitely a market for real journalism. Unfortunately, it looks like CNN is going to stick with the Zucker-ized version.

Pretty much.

Well, if employees keep resigning or getting fired, pretty soon their won’t be many left to sexually harass, dig into accusers’ pasts, or sleep with colleagues.

So CNN’s got that going for them, at least.

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