Yesterday, the harpies at “The View” flipped out over Bill Maher mocking mask culture.

Today, the gals were back with another scorching-hot segment, this time about Joe Biden getting caught on hot mic calling Fox News’ Peter Doocy “a stupid son of b*tch.”

And this time, the only outrage was over the idea that Joe Biden did anything inappropriate:

Get it? Peter Doocy will get fired from Fox News for accepting Biden’s phone call in stride instead of selling merchandise off of or writing a book about it. Joy’s so clever. So witty.

Yeah, it’s only a question about inflation during a presser on the economy. Not relevant at all to the subject at hand.

Well, at least the regular cohosts are silly. Lisa Ling, who was a “View” cohost way back in the day, is actually being quite reasonable, rightly pointing out that Peter Doocy’s question was entirely fair and appropriate and that Donald Trump’s past remarks about the media don’t justify Joe Biden’s remarks about Doocy.

And for Ling’s troubles, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar teamed up against her. Some “View.”

Lisa Ling’s not even conservative. And she got her head bitten off. Is it any wonder “The View” can’t find a Republican or conservative woman to replace Meghan McCain?

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