Last week, President Joe Biden was pleased to introduce the world to Commander (or Commie, if ya nasty), his new German Shepherd puppy. Major, of course, got Biden’s boot.

When she was asked at a White House press briefing if all the puppy fanfare was just intended to be a distraction from the Biden administration coming apart at the seams, Jen Psaki got pretty pissy.

She was just pissy because she knew that the Biden administration had just been busted. They’re gonna milk poor Commander for all he’s worth.

Yesterday, President White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain got in on the action, too, by piggybacking on a genuinely good and valuable tweet from Dana Perino:

Ron Klain is right to endorse Dana Perino’s tweet. Unfortunately, he’s also full of crap, as he apparently thinks that we’ve already forgotten how his boss Joe Biden operates:

Annnnnnnd that’s a bingo.

What do you think you’re doing, Ron? Seriously, what?

First of all, Dana Perino is not a “right-wing propagandist.” Second of all, if this is how Ron Klain tries to pander to the Right, it’s no wonder no one on the Right likes him. He’s trying to make Joe Biden the Kindhearted Dog Lover happen, and it’s just not happening.

*Masked photo PR.

And yes, it’s purely for PR. Maybe if the White House keeps the focus on how cute Commander is, they’ll forget all about Major, who might’ve actually stood a fighting chance of sticking around had the Biden family shown a little more interest in properly training him and a little less interest in self-promotion.

Joe Biden’s a lousy dog owner, so we hope for Major’s sake that he really is somewhere better off than in the Bidens’ care. If you can even call it care.

It’s not the same thing at all. But when you work for an administration as broken and desperate as Joe Biden’s administration, you’ve got to throw whatever you can at the wall in the hopes that something will stick.

Even if you know it will ultimately never work.

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