Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that he’d welcomed a German Shepherd puppy, Commander, into his family.

Of course, to make room for Commander, he had to discharge his dog Major. Some people found that pretty dishonorable on Joe Biden’s part. Perhaps he can make up for that by getting a cat, too.

At today’s press briefing, Jen Psaki was pleased to confirm reports that the Bidens will soon be welcoming a cat into the fold:

How exciting! And it’s just the sort of positive, happy PR that the Biden administration needs right now.

Even though Psaki will deny that that’s what all this is really about:


That was an own. It’s always an own when Jen Psaki gets snippy with a reporter.

Honestly we’re not sure what Psaki has to be annoyed about. If we were press secretary for a president who’s as big a disaster as Joe Biden, we’d relish any opportunity to pivot to pets.

Even if we as viewers find it incredibly obnoxious.


Maybe we should just make the puppy president and call it a day.

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