After speaking to state governors on Monday and informing them that there’s “no federal response” to Covid-19 (which caused almost immediate cleanup effort from the White House that “journalists” were more than happy to forward without question), President Biden and first lady Jill Bi — er, DOCTOR Jill Biden — departed the White House for their beach home in Delaware. A stroll on the beach later took place with the first family’s new dog Commander:

Wait, beach masking?

Wearing a mask on a fairly empty beach is a signal of confidence coming from the double vaxxed & boosted U.S. president:

Biden’s selective mask usage has caught some attention:

The “science” behind Biden’s mask usage (and lack thereof) just doesn’t add up.

So to sum it all up…

Mask required:

No mask required:




Caleb Howe serves up the ‘final cut’ of Joe Biden turning tail and running off to his Delaware beach house

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